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Saskatchewan Fencing Association

The Saskatchewan Fencing Association (SFA) is responsible for administering the sport of fencing in the province of Saskatchewan. There are currently about 250 members of the SFA, 170 of which are actively involved in training and competition.

The calibre of the SFA's athletes ranges from young beginners (age 8) to current and former Cadet, Junior, and Senior National Team members (Erica Emery, Jennifer Paulsen, Beth Winkelhorst, Aaron Comerford, Luc Prefontaine, Jean-Pierre Seguin, Nadia Brecht, Kent Shirley, Jordan Smith, Allan Francis, Amber Bakos, Lavinia Surdu, Tars Bakos) to Olympians (Allan Francis) to World Champions (Jean-Pierre Seguin).

Coaching of the SFA's high performance athletes and training of our coaches is under the direction of Maître Claude Séguin.

The SFA maintains an office at the J.V. Remai Administration Centre for Sport at 510 Cynthia St., Saskatoon  SK S7L 7K7. Inquiries should be addressed to Lynn Seguin. The SFA phone numbers are (306) 975-0823 (voice) and (306) 242-8007 (fax), and email can be sent to saskfencing@shaw.ca.


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