Maître Claude Séguin



Born:Coniston, Ontario
Birthdate:May 30, 1948
Hometown:Sudbury, Ontario
Residence:Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Languages:English, French
Occupation: Full-time Coach


Claude is the President of the Fencing Academy of Canada, which represents the interests of fencing coaches in the country. Claude has represented Canada in every possible way in the sport from being a team coach, referee, manager, delegate, armourer and medic, frequently all at the same time, and performing well at all tasks. His apprenticeship coaching program is the model upon which other tutelage programs have been established, and he carries on his successful program among such distant cities as Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw and Prince Albert. Among his best athletes have been 2002 World Champion Jean-Pierre Seguin, 1992 Olympian Allan Francis, National Women's Foil team member Lavinia Surdu, and Junior National team members Tarsch Bakos in épée and Kent Shirley in foil, and many other Cadet, Junior, and Senior National team members. He has a new generation of fencers coming up in his system of whom we will hear much in the future. 


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