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2011 Notable Results

  • 2011 Bantam AAA Cardinals
    The Bantam AAA Cardinals won the Bantam AAA League Championship and the 2011 Bantam AAA Provincial Championship.
  • 2011 Pee Wee AAA Braves
    The Pee Wee Braves won the Pee Wee AAA League Championship, the 2011 Pee Wee AAA Provincial Championship, and were Pee Wee AAA Bronze Medalists at Westerns.
  • 2011 AA Pee Wee Athletics
    The AA Pee Wee Athletics won the Pee Wee AA League Championship and the 2011 Pee Wee AA Tier II Provincial Championship.
  • Congratulations to the following League Champions and Finalists:
    • Mosquito A
      • Champion: Moosehead Braves
      • Finalist: Blue Jay Bombers
    • Mosquito AA
      • Champion: Bulldog Braves
      • Finalist: Blue Jay Bandits
    • Mosquito AAA
      • Champion: Blue Jay Crew
      • Finalist: Braves
    • Pee Wee A
      • Champion: Blue Jays
      • Finalist: A's
    • Pee Wee AA
      • Champion: A's Athletics
      • Finalist: Blue Jay Heat
    • Pee Wee AAA
      • Champion: Braves
      • Finalist: A's
    • Bantam AA
      • Champion: Watrous Lakers
      • Finalist: Braves #1
    • Bantam AAA
      • Champion: Cardinals
      • Finalist: A's