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New Zones and Diamonds Map

For additional information, including links to the zone websites as well as diamond locations, use this map.

Diamond Location Maps

  • Rally Cap (updated May 31st, 2017)
     - various locations throughout Saskatoon
  • Mosquito
     - Kilburn, Sifton, Martensville, St. Andrews, A.H. Brown,
  • Pee Wee (updated May 12th, 2017)
     - Geoff Hughes (Ed Bryant, Resch, and Joe Zeman fields),
       Sifton, Riversdale Kiwanis, Martensville
  • Bantam (updated May 12th, 2017)
     - Nutana Kiwanis, Martensville
  • Midget
     - Cairns/Leakos, McCourt, Kate Waygood, Peter Zakreski,