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Gordie Howe Sports Complex Fundraiser

Attention Saskatoon Baseball parents, players and fans….

I would like to take this opportunity to provide information on how you can give back to the game of baseball and impact the lives of thousands of athletes not just in baseball but also softball, football, track and speed skating.

I am sure all of you are aware of the construction going on at Gordie Howe Sports Complex and completion of the largest indoor baseball/softball training complex in Canada.

As well there is a new grandstand going up at Cairns field.

Here's a chance for you to support this project and contribute to a legacy of outstanding baseball facilities in Saskatoon. The following link will provide baseball supporters a chance to name a seat for $300 or 2 seats for $500. As well there is a pledge form which allows families to donate to the project. You can have your donation spread over 5 years. Please share this link with anyone who would like to support youth, baseball and sport in the great city of Saskatoon!



Greg Brons
Friends of the Bowl .