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Zone Map

Boundaries of Four Zone System

For players residing within the Saskatoon city limits, the boundaries of the Four Zone System used for the Rally Cap, Mosquito, Pee Wee and Bantam Divisions are as indicated in the map below (click map to view larger version).

For additional information, including links to the zone websites and diamond locations, use this map.

Royals: City-Wide All Girls Baseball

Ball Zone Map

[Royals] City-Wide All Girls Baseball

Players residing outside of Saskatoon
must apply to play in Saskatoon using this form.

The zone boundaries used for out-of-town players are:

A's: West of the river
Blue Jays:  East of the river and North of Highway 5
Braves: South of Highway 5 and East of Highway 11
Cardinals: East of the river and West of Highway 11
Royals: Open.  Any girl wishing to play on an all-girls team