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Photo Gallery

Visit our Flickr page to see many more photos!

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Global TV (follow link to view clip) was at the Salle on Tuesday August 6th, to interview some members
of our Canada Games Team Sask fencing team heading to Sherbrooke QC later this week.

Pictures from August 3rd and 4th Canada Games Training Camp:
The last Canada Games training camp before the Games, what a great day!

Photos of Salle Seguin (on About Us page)

Future "Knights" at the 2013 Children's Festival - photo credit: Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Various Photos of Saskatchewan Epee Fencers (courtesy Leland Guillemin)
(Fencers: Leland Guillemin, Alan Hewlett, Jean-Pierre Seguin, Jean-Luc D'Eon)


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