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Geoff Hughes
(includes Ed Bryant, Resch, Joe Zeman fields)

(1306 Fletcher Rd, two blocks south of 11th St W on Ave W)

Sifton Diamond #2

(behind Royal West Collegiate on Witney Ave S & Rusholme Rd)

Sifton Sportfields


Riversdale Kiwanis

Riversdale Kiwanis Sportsfields



(Mocon Field, 6th St N and 9th Ave N)

SFGA has 4 new diamonds, 2 of which opened in 2015 located East of Venture Heights Elementary School. The new diamonds are south of Reddekopp Dr and east of 9 Ave N.



Martensville Original Baseball Diamonds are at the Chrome Dome Park located at 555 Main Street in Martensville. The batting cage is located between diamond #5 and #6.

SFGA Diamond Locations ChromeDome